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Connection(3pm)       User Contributed Perl Documentation      Connection(3pm)

       Net::IRC::Connection - Object-oriented interface to a single IRC con-

       Hard hat area: This section under construction.

       This documentation is a subset of the main Net::IRC documentation. If
       you haven't already, please "perldoc Net::IRC" before continuing.

       Net::IRC::Connection defines a class whose instances are individual
       connections to a single IRC server. Several Net::IRC::Connection
       objects may be handled simultaneously by one Net::IRC object.

       This section is under construction, but hopefully will be finally writ-
       ten up by the next release. Please see the "irctest" script and the
       source for details about this module.

       Conceived and initially developed by Greg Bacon <> and
       Dennis Taylor <>.

       Ideas and large amounts of code donated by Nat "King" Torkington

       Currently being hacked on, hacked up, and worked over by the members of
       the Net::IRC developers mailing list. For details, see .

       Up-to-date source and information about the Net::IRC project can be
       found at .

       o   perl(1).

       o   RFC 1459: The Internet Relay Chat Protocol

       o, home of fine IRC resources.

perl v5.8.8                       2008-01-24                   Connection(3pm)

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