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SSL_set_fd(3SSL)                    OpenSSL                   SSL_set_fd(3SSL)

       SSL_set_fd - connect the SSL object with a file descriptor

        #include <openssl/ssl.h>

        int SSL_set_fd(SSL *ssl, int fd);
        int SSL_set_rfd(SSL *ssl, int fd);
        int SSL_set_wfd(SSL *ssl, int fd);

       SSL_set_fd() sets the file descriptor fd as the input/output facility
       for the TLS/SSL (encrypted) side of ssl. fd will typically be the
       socket file descriptor of a network connection.

       When performing the operation, a socket BIO is automatically created to
       interface between the ssl and fd. The BIO and hence the SSL engine
       inherit the behaviour of fd. If fd is non-blocking, the ssl will also
       have non-blocking behaviour.

       If there was already a BIO connected to ssl, BIO_free() will be called
       (for both the reading and writing side, if different).

       SSL_set_rfd() and SSL_set_wfd() perform the respective action, but only
       for the read channel or the write channel, which can be set

       The following return values can occur:

       0   The operation failed. Check the error stack to find out why.

       1   The operation succeeded.

       SSL_get_fd(3), SSL_set_bio(3), SSL_connect(3), SSL_accept(3),
       SSL_shutdown(3), ssl(3) , bio(3)

0.9.8g                            2000-09-16                  SSL_set_fd(3SSL)

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