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TASKS(3pm)            User Contributed Perl Documentation           TASKS(3pm)

       TASKS - Want to help? These things need doing...

       Increase test coverage

       More tests need to be added to test the codes that not urrently being

       It's pretty poor right now:

       Start with improving the subroutine coverage

       Test the proxy

       The current t/80proxy.t is isolated from the rest of the test suite so
       actually tests very little, and what it does test is duplicating other

       Ideally the proxy should be tested in the same way as DBI::PurePerl.
       In other words, by creating wrappers test files for each test file that
       set $ENV{DBI_AUTOPROXY} and run the original test. They'll also need to
       start and stop a proxy server.

       Fixing bugs

       The official bug list is here:

       Naturally I'll offer direction and guidance on any you want to tackle.
       I've also got a few that could be entered into

perl v5.10.0                      2006-09-04                        TASKS(3pm)

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