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       User::Identity::Collection::Emails - a collection of email roles

          is an User::Identity::Collection
          is an User::Identity::Item

       The "User::Identity::Collection::Emails" object maintains a set
       Mail::Identity objects, each describing a role which the user has in
       e-mail traffic.

       overload: @{}

           See "OVERLOADED" in User::Identity::Collection

       overload: stringification

           See "OVERLOADED" in User::Identity::Collection


       User::Identity::Collection::Emails->new([NAME], OPTIONS)

        Option     --Defined in     --Default
        description  User::Identity::Item  undef
        item_type    User::Identity::Collection  Mail::Identity
        name         User::Identity::Item  'emails'
        parent       User::Identity::Item  undef
        roles        User::Identity::Collection  undef

           . description => STRING

           . item_type => CLASS

           . name => STRING

           . parent => OBJECT

           . roles => ROLE|ARRAY



           See "Attributes" in User::Identity::Item


           See "Attributes" in User::Identity::Collection


           See "Attributes" in User::Identity::Item


           See "Attributes" in User::Identity::Collection


       $obj->add(COLLECTION, ROLE)

           See "Collections" in User::Identity::Item

       $obj->addCollection(OBJECT | ([TYPE], OPTIONS))

           See "Collections" in User::Identity::Item


           See "Collections" in User::Identity::Item


           See "Collections" in User::Identity::Item


           See "Collections" in User::Identity::Item



           See "Collections" in User::Identity::Item


           See "Collections" in User::Identity::Item

       Maintaining roles

       $obj->addRole(ROLE| ( [NAME],OPTIONS ) | ARRAY-OF-OPTIONS)

           See "Maintaining roles" in User::Identity::Collection


           See "Maintaining roles" in User::Identity::Collection

       $obj->renameRole(ROLE|OLDNAME, NEWNAME)

           See "Maintaining roles" in User::Identity::Collection


           See "Maintaining roles" in User::Identity::Collection



           See "Searching" in User::Identity::Collection

       Error: $object is not a collection.

           The first argument is an object, but not of a class which extends

       Error: Cannot create a $type to add this to my collection.

           Some options are specified to create a $type object, which is
           native to this collection.  However, for some reason this failed.

       Error: Cannot load collection module for $type ($class).

           Either the specified $type does not exist, or that module named
           $class returns compilation errors.  If the type as specified in the
           warning is not the name of a package, you specified a nickname
           which was not defined.  Maybe you forgot the 'require' the package
           which defines the nickname.

       Error: Cannot rename $name into $newname: already exists

       Error: Cannot rename $name into $newname: doesn't exist

       Error: Creation of a collection via $class failed.

           The $class did compile, but it was not possible to create an object
           of that class using the options you specified.

       Error: Don't know what type of collection you want to add.

           If you add a collection, it must either by a collection object or a
           list of options which can be used to create a collection object.
           In the latter case, the type of collection must be specified.

       Warning: No collection $name

           The collection with $name does not exist and can not be created.

       Error: Wrong type of role for $collection: requires a $expect but got a

           Each $collection groups sets of roles of one specific type
           ($expect).  You cannot add objects of a different $type.

       This module is part of User-Identity distribution version 0.92, built
       on July 25, 2007. Website:

       Copyrights 2003,2004,2007 by Mark Overmeer <>. For
       other contributors see Changes.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.  See

perl v5.8.8                       2008-User::Identity::Collection::Emails(3pm)

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