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FONT2PSF(1)                   Linux User's Manual                  FONT2PSF(1)

       font2psf - convert a 256-character fonts to PSF format


       This script converts 256 character fonts to psf-fonts It simply assumes
       that all files in the current directory that have a size of (256*n) are
       fontfiles  of  8xn  pixel"  fonts. If there are 512 character, non-psf-
       fonts you will recognise this soon... Anyway, the setfont program isn't
       aware  of  those  type of fonts, so there shouldn't be too much of them

       This script cares for font highs of 6,8,10,12,14,16 and 19 pixels

       font2psf was written by Martin Lohner, SuSE GmbH, Dec 1998.  This  man-
       ual page was Written by Alastair McKinstry, Debian, Jan 2003.

Console tools                     22 Jan 2003                      FONT2PSF(1)

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