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HELPZTAGS(1)                     User Commands                    HELPZTAGS(1)

       helpztags - generate the help tags file for directory

       helpztags DIRS...

       helpztags scans given directories for *.txt and *.txt.gz files.  Each
       file is scanned for tags used in vim help files. For each directory
       proper tags file is generated.

       There should be at least one directory given. In other case program
       exits with error.

       Written by Jakub Turski and Artur R. Czechowski based on idea contained
       in vim sources for its :helptags command.

       Please use a Debian reportbug command or procedure described at

       Read :help helptags in vim for detailed information about helptags.

vim 7.1                         September 2003                    HELPZTAGS(1)

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