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IMGSIZE(1p)           User Contributed Perl Documentation          IMGSIZE(1p)

       imgsize - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats

        imgsize [ -r | -a | -f fmt ] file

       No-brainer to size an image supplied on the command-line. All the real
       work is done in Image::Size

       By default, the width and height are returned as attributes for an IMG
       tag in HTML, essentially ""WIDTH=40 HEIGHT=30"". The following options
       may be used to return alternate formats (all report width first, then

           Return "raw" format data. Just the numbers separated by a single

           Return a Perl-style list of attributes suitable for passing to the
           "img()" method of the CGI module (see CGI).

       "-f" fmt
           Pass the string specified in fmt to "sprintf" and thus use it to
           format the results to your taste. "sprintf" will be passed two num-
           bers, so any other formatting directives will be lost. The numbers
           are passed as width first, then height.


       Randy J. Ray <>. Copyright (c) 2000. Distributable
       under the Artistic License as packaged with Perl version 5.005 and

perl v5.8.8                       2008-02-18                       IMGSIZE(1p)

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