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INSTALLKERNEL(8)                                              INSTALLKERNEL(8)

       installkernel - install a new kernel image

       installkernel version zImage [directory]

       installkernel  installs  a  new  kernel  image onto the system from the
       Linux source tree.  It is called by the  Linux  kernel  makefiles  when
       make install is invoked there.

       The  new  kernel is installed into {directory}/vmlinuz-{version}.  If a
       symbolic link {directory}/vmlinuz already exists, it  is  refreshed  by
       making  a link from {directory}/vmlinuz to the new kernel, and the pre-
       viously installed kernel is available as {directory}/vmlinuz.old.

       installkernel resides in /sbin only because the Linux kernel  makefiles
       call it from there.  It should really be in /usr/sbin.  It isn't needed
       to boot a system, and it calls mkboot, which depends on the /usr parti-
       tion being mounted.

Debian Linux                      7 Jan 2001                  INSTALLKERNEL(8)

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