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ISPELL(8)                                                            ISPELL(8)

       update-ispell-dictionary  -  Bash script to select a new ispell default


       If you have more than one Debian ispell dictionary  package  installed,
       you  should  use  update-ispell-dictionary  to  select the default one.
       This script is also run for you any  time  you  install  a  new  Debian
       ispell dictionary package.

       This  script makes extensive use of 'update-alternatives' from the dpkg
       suite of programs.  Priority information for each of  the  alternatives
       is  stored,  read  and acted upon by 'update-alternatives'.  IMPORTANT:
       All ispell dictionary packages should install themselves with  priority
       10.   This  script will then assign priority 999 to the chosen default,
       and re-run update-alternatives.

       Kenneth MacDonald ( September 1995.

       The version of update-ispell-dictionary described by this  manual  page
       is September 1995.

       None reported as of July 1999.

                                     local                           ISPELL(8)

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