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isql(1)                       UnixODBC Reference                       isql(1)

       isql - utility to submit SQL queries to a data source.
       iusql - Unicode version of isql.

       isql DSN [UID [PWD]] [options]

       isql  can  be  used to submit SQL to a data source and to format/output
       results.  It can be used in batch or interactive mode.

       DSN    Name of the data source you want to connect to.

       UID    Your login to connect the DSN.

       PWD    Your password needed to login to the DSN.

       -b     Batch mode.  It will not do any prompting.

       -dx    Delimit columns with x.

       -x0xXX Delimit columns with XX, where XX is in hex.  For example -x0x09
              will use a tab.

       -w     Wrap results in an HTML table

       -c     Print  column  names on first row.  This options only has effect
              in combination with the -d option.

       -mn    Limit column display width to n

       -v     Verbose output.

              This prints the version.

       cat My.sql | isql WebDB MyID MyPWD -w
              Each line in My.sql must contain exactly 1  SQL  command  except
              for the last line which must be blank.

       This  manual  page  was written by Kurt Roeckx <> for the
       Debian package of unixODBC.

UnixODBC                           Dec 2004                            isql(1)

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