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       ldap_parse_sort_control - Decode the information returned from a search
       operation that used a server-side sort control

       OpenLDAP LDAP (libldap, -lldap)

       #include <ldap.h>

       int ldap_parse_sort_control(ld, ctrls, returnCode, attribute)
       LDAP *ld;
       LDAPControl **ctrls;
       unsigned long *returnCode;
       char **attribute;

       This function is used to parse the results returned in a search  opera-
       tion that uses a server-side sort control.

       It  takes  a  null  terminated  array of LDAPControl structures usually
       obtained by a call to  the  ldap_parse_result  function.  A  returncode
       which  points  to the sort control result code,and an array of LDAPCon-
       trol structures that list the client controls to use with  the  search.
       The  function  also  takes  an  out parameter attribute and if the sort
       operation fails, the server may return  a  string  that  indicates  the
       first  attribute  in  the sortKey list that caused the failure. If this
       parameter is NULL, no string is returned. If a string is returned,  the
       memory should be freed by calling the ldap_memfree function.

       ldap_result(3), ldap_controls_free(3)

       OpenLDAP  Software  is developed and maintained by The OpenLDAP Project
       <>.  OpenLDAP Software is derived from  Univer-
       sity of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.4.11                   2008/07/16        LDAP_PARSE_SORT-CONTROL(3)

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