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LOCALEPURGE(8)                                                  LOCALEPURGE(8)

       localepurge - removing superfluous locale data


       localepurge is a small script to recover disk space wasted for unneeded
       locale files and localized man pages. It will be automagically  invoked
       by  dpkg  upon  completion  of  any apt installation run.   You have to
       define the locale directory names you want to keep from  removal  after
       each  apt  installation  run  in  the /etc/locale.nopurge configuration
       file.  Unless localepurge has been adequately configured, the  system's
       locale directories won't be touched at all.
       Any  other  directory  (or  file) in /usr/share/locale not containing a
       subdirectory named LC_MESSAGES will be discreetly ignored.

       The configurable options consist of toggling verbose output,  reporting
       a  summary  of  freed  space, and deletion of localized manual pages in
       addition  to  locale  files.   All  actions  are   specified   in   the
       /etc/locale.nopurge configuration file.
       For detailed debugging the commandline switch -debug or just a short -d
       instead are available for usage.  For verbose  output  the  commandline
       switch -verbose or just a short -v can be added.

       Please  note,  that  this  tool  is a hack which is not integrated with
       Debian's package management system and therefore is not meant  for  the
       faint  of heart.  Responsibility for its usage and possible breakage of
       your system therefore lies in the sysadmin's (your) hands.
       Please  definitely  do  abstain  from  reporting   any   bugs   blaming
       localepurge  if  you  break  your system by using it. If you don't know
       what you are doing and can't handle any resulting breakage on your  own
       then please simply don't use it.
       All  locale  directories  containing  a  subdirectory named LC_MESSAGES
       which  are  either  commented  out  or  not  even  listed  at  all   in
       /etc/locale.nopurge  will  be  irreversibly  deleted.   The only way to
       reinstall any lost locales is a  complete  reinstallation  of  all  the
       Debian  packages  containing them. See /usr/share/doc/localepurge/rein- for a recipe.  Alternatively you can reconfigure it  with
       dpkg-reconfigure(8)  to  prevent  locale files from being purged during
       subsequent runs of apt.

SOLVING PROBLEMS caused by localepurge
       This program does interfere with the Debian package management and does
       provoke  strange,  but  usually harmless, behaviour of programs related
       with apt/dpkg like dpkg-repack(1), debsums(1), reportbug(1),  etc.   If
       you  need  to  have  any package in its full integrity so that e.g. the
       formerly mentioned programs work as  designed  by  its  author  and  as
       expected by you, simply deinstall localepurge temporarily without purg-
       ing its configuration and reinstall the  packages  you  need  in  their
       fully  integral state. When you are done with what you needed the inte-
       gral packages for simply reinstall localepurge again.


       Administrators of systems with short disk space should have a  look  at
       both  the  deborphan  and  debfoster packages. Especially debfoster can
       work wonders for your scarce disk space!


       localepurge and its accompanying manual page was written for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system by Paul Seelig <> with major contri-
       butions from Gustavo Noronha Silva <> who added the first
       debconf  functionality.   The author sincerely hopes that some day fur-
       ther development of Debian's great package management system will  make
       localepurge fully obsolete.


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