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lockfile-progs(1)              Lockfile programs             lockfile-progs(1)

       lockfile-progs  - command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files
       and mailboxes (via liblockfile).

       mail-lock [ --retry retry-count ]
       mail-touchlock [ --oneshot ]

       lockfile-create [ --retry retry-count ] filename
       lockfile-remove filename
       lockfile-touch [ --oneshot ] filename

       lockfile-progs provide a method to lock and unlock mailboxes and  files
       safely (via liblockfile).

       By  default, the filename argument refers to the name of the file to be
       locked, and the name of the lockfile will be filename .lock.   However,
       if  the  --lock-name argument is specified, then filename will be taken
       as the name of the lockfile itself.

       mail-lock: lock the current user's mailbox.
       mail-unlock: unlock the current user's mailbox.
       mail-touchlock: touch the lock on the current user's mailbox.

       Each  of  the  mail  locking  commands   is   applied   to   the   file
       /var/spool/mail/<user>,  if  possible,  where <user> is the name of the
       current user (determined from the effective uid via geteuid(2)).

       lockfile-create: lock a given file.
       lockfile-remove: remove the lock on a given file.
       lockfile-touch: touch the lock on a given file.

       Once a file is locked, the lock must be touched  at  least  once  every
       five  minutes,  or it will be considered stale and a subsequent attempt
       to lock the file will  succeed.   For  both  of  the  locking  commands
       (mail-touchlock  and lockfile-touch), the --oneshot argument causes the
       program to touch the lock and exit immediately.  Otherwise the  program
       will  loop  forever,  touching  the  lock once every minute until it is

       For both of the locking commands (mail-lock and  lockfile-create),  the
       --retry  argument specifies (as an integer) the maximum number of times
       to retry locking the file before giving up  if  attempts  are  failing.
       Each  retry  will be delayed a little longer than the last (in 5 second
       increments) until a maximum delay of  one  minute  between  retries  is
       reached.  The default retry count is 9 which, if all 9 attempts to lock
       the file fail, will give up after 180 seconds (3 minutes).

       The lockfile-create, lockfile-remove, and lockfile-touch commands  will
       also accept these options:

       -l, --lock-name
              Use  filename as the explict lock file name instead of appending
              .lock to filename.

       All of the following commands will accept these options:

       -q, --quiet
              Supress any output.  Success or failure will only  be  indicated
              by the exit status.

       -v, --verbose
              Enable diagnostic output.

       Locking a file during a lengthy process:

         lockfile-create /some/file
         lockfile-touch /some/file &
         # Save the PID of the lockfile-touch process
         do-something-important-with /some/file
         kill "${BADGER}"
         lockfile-remove /some/file

       0      Successful program execution.

              Some problem was encountered.


       1998 - Written by Rob Browning <>.

0.1.11                          23 August 2007               lockfile-progs(1)

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