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ncftpbookmarks(1)                                            ncftpbookmarks(1)

       ncftpbookmarks - full screen bookmarks editor for ncftp


       ncftpbookmarks  is  a full-screen bookmark editor for the File Transfer
       Protocol client ncftp.

       ncftp can bookmark  server  name,  login  name  and  password  of  your
       favorite  ftp  servers.   ncftpbookmarks  is used to handle these book-

       This full-screen editor can also be launched from the ncftp prompt with
       the bookmarks command.

       While  using ncftpbookmarks, the screen is divided into two parts.  The
       left one gives a brief description of keyboard controls.  The right one
       lists all existing bookmarks.  Up and down arrows (or "u" and "d" keys)
       are used to move the cursor in this list.  The "x" key is used to  quit
       the  editor.  Other commands have to be typed in full (e.g. /ed, /del).

              Saves bookmark and host information.

       Mike Gleason, NcFTP Software (

       This man page was written by Nicolas Duboc ( for  the
       Debian distribution of the ncftp package.


NcFTP Software                    2003-07-09                 ncftpbookmarks(1)

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