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NETWORKS(5)               Linux System Administration              NETWORKS(5)

       networks - network name information

       The file /etc/networks is a plain ASCII file that describes known DARPA
       networks and symbolic names for these networks.  Each line represents a
       network and has the following structure:

              name number aliases ...

       where  the  fields  are  delimited  by spaces or tabs.  Empty lines are
       ignored.  If a line contains a hash mark (#), the  hash  mark  and  the
       remaining part of the line are ignored.

       The field descriptions are:

       name   The symbolic name for the network.

       number The official number for this network in dotted-decimal notation.
              The trailing ".0" may be omitted.

              Optional aliases for the network.

       This file is read by route or netstat utilities.  Only Class A, B or  C
       networks  are  supported, partitioned networks (i.e. network/26 or net-
       work/28) are not supported by this facility.

              The networks definition file.

       getnetbyaddr(3), getnetbyname(3), getnetent(3), route(8), netstat(8)

GNU/Linux                         2001-12-22                       NETWORKS(5)

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