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sasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t(3SASL man pagesasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t(3)

       sasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t  - Plaintext Password Verification Call-

       #include <sasl/sasl.h>

       int sasl_canon_user_t(sasl_conn_t *conn,
                             void *context,
                         const char *user, unsigned ulen,
                             unsigned flags,
                             const char *user_realm,
                             char *out_user, unsigned out_umax,
                             unsigned *out_ulen)

       sasl_canon_user_t Is the  callback  for  an  application-supplied  user
       canonicalization  function.   This  function is subject to the require-
       ments that all user canonicalization functions are: It  must  copy  the
       result  into  the  output buffers, but the output buffers and the input
       buffers may be the same.

       context context from the callback record

       user and ulen Un-canonicalized username (and length)

       flags Either SASL_CU_AUTHID (indicating the authentication ID is  being
       canonicalized)  or  SASL_CU_AUTHZID (indicating the authorization ID is
       to be canonicalized) or a bitwise OR of the the two.

       user_realm Realm of authentication.

       out_user and out_umax and out_ulen The output buffer, max  length,  and
       actual length for the username.

       SASL callback functions should return SASL return codes. See sasl.h for
       a complete list. SASL_OK indicates success.

       sasl(3), sasl_callbacks(3), sasl_errors(3)

SASL                             10 July 2001sasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t(3)

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