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sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t(3) SASL man pages sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t(3)

       sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t  - UserDB Plaintext Password Setting Call-

       #include <sasl/sasl.h>

       int sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t(sasl_conn_t *conn,
                                        void *context,
                                    const char *user,
                                        const char *pass,
                                        unsigned passlen,
                                        struct propctx *propctx,
                                        unsigned flags)

       sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t is used to store  or  change  a  plaintext
       password in the callback-supplier's user database.

       context context from the callback record

       user NUL terminated user name with user@realm syntax

       pass password to check (may not be NUL terminated)

       passlen length of the password

       propctx Auxilliary Properties (not stored)

       flags  These are the same flags that are passed to sasl_setpass(3), and
       are documented on that man page.

       SASL callback functions should return SASL return codes. See sasl.h for
       a complete list. SASL_OK indicates success.

       sasl(3),  sasl_callbacks(3),  sasl_errors(3), sasl_server_userdb_check-
       pass_t(3), sasl_setpass(3)

SASL                             10 July 2001  sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t(3)

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