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SASLDBCONVERTER2(8)                                        SASLDBCONVERTER2(8)

       sasldbconverter2 - Convert sasldb file into the new format

       sasldbconverter2 [sasldb_file]

       sasldbconverter2  takes  the  sasldb file specified on the command line
       and convert it to a new sasldb file in the  default  location  (usually
       /etc/sasldb2). It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you backup sasldb before
       allowing this program to run

              This only works for sasldb files that use the gdbm library.

       SEE ALSO
              rfc2222 - Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)

CMU SASL                       October 25, 2002            SASLDBCONVERTER2(8)

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