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SWIG(1)                                                                SWIG(1)

       swig - Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator

       swig [options] file

       The  swig  command  is used to create wrapper code to connect C and C++
       code to scripting languages like Perl, Python, etc. from the definition
       of  the  interface. For detailed information on writing those interface
       definitions please refer  to  /usr/share/doc/swig-doc/Manual/index.html
       from the swig-doc package.  This manpage concentrates on explaining the
       invocation of the swig command.

   Target Language Options:
              Generate CHICKEN wrappers

              Generate C# wrappers

       -guile Generate Guile wrappers

       -java  Generate Java wrappers

              Generate Mzscheme wrappers

       -ocaml Generate Ocaml wrappers

       -perl  Generate Perl wrappers.

       -php   Generate PHP wrappers

       -pike  Generate Pike wrappers

              Generate Python wrappers

       -ruby  Generate Ruby wrappers

       -sexp  Generate Lisp S-Expressions wrappers

       -tcl   Generate Tcl wrappers

       -xml   Generate XML wrappers.

   General Options
       -c++   Enable C++ processing

       -co    Check a file out of the SWIG library

              Turn on wrapping of protected members for director classes

              Define a symbol symbol (for conditional compilation)

       -E     Preprocess only, does not generate wrapper code

              Compile in compact mode

              Compile in virtual elimination mode

              Display error/warning messages in commonly used format

              Display error/warning messages in Microsoft format

       -help  Show a summary of supported options and especially of  supported
              options for the selected language.

       -Idir  Look for SWIG files in dir

              Ignore missing include files

              Follow all #include statements as imports

              Follow all #include statements

              Include SWIG library file ifile

       -M     List all dependencies

       -MM    List dependencies, but omit files in SWIG library

              Create default constructors/destructors (the default)

       -module name
              Set module name to name

              Turn off contract checking

              Do not generate constructors/destructors

              Do not wrap director protected members

              Do not wrap exception specifiers

              Do not generate extern declarations

              Do not include SWIG runtime code

       -o outfile
              Set name of the output file to outfile

       -outdir dir
              Set language specific files output directory

              Make the runtime support code globally visible.

       -small Compile in virtual elimination & compact mode

              Report location of SWIG library and exit

       -v     Run in verbose mode

              Print SWIG version number

       -Wall  Enable all warning messages

              Enable warning messages for all the languages keywords

              Force to treat the warnings as errors

       -w n   Suppress warning number n

       SWIG  was  originally created by David Beazley. For up-to-date informa-
       tion    about     authors     and     contributors     please     check   This  manual  page  was  written  by
       Torsten Landschoff <> for the Debian project (but may
       be used by others).

                                  2004-05-22                           SWIG(1)

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