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SYSADMIN(1)                                                        SYSADMIN(1)

       sysadmin  -  responsible  for everything imaginable that may or may not
       have to do with the system you're using.  Contraction of  "system"  and

       sysadmin [-ab] [-cd] [-ef] etc......

       sysadmin takes care of everything, is generally harangued, must be sup-
       plied with coffee, chocolate, and alcohol in order  to  function  prop-
       erly,  cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, and must not be allowed to
       have a life.

       sysadmin is not intended as a user interface  routine;  other  programs
       provide  user-friendly front ends; sysadmin is used by everyone who can
       track him [her] down.

       With no flags, sysadmin reads its standard input up to  an  EOF,  or  a
       line  which  sysadmin  wishes  to parse, and then proceeds to ignore it
       entirely and read news all day. When invoked with the -w option, sysad-
       min  reads  standard  input  and  responds  according  to  terms of job

       -bofh  Go into Bastard Operator From Hell  mode.   This  option  causes
              sysadmin  to  use tools stored in the /usr/lib/bofh directory to
              parse the standard input and route user tasks appropriately.

       -cd    causes sysadmin to become caffeine-deprived, resulting in system

       -b     causes  the  sysadmin  to function normally while augmenting the
              standard input with beer(5).  Can be used with the -t option  as
              well,  depending upon which version of sysadmin you are running.

       -t     causes the sysadmin to smoke tobacco, which can result  in  sig-
              nificant  performance  improvement, provided you are running the
              correct version of sysadmin.

       -Cfile Specify an alternate  configuration  file  (  is  the

       -dX    set debuggin value to X.

              Set the full name of the sysadmin.

       -Bf    Create the configuration freeze file.

       -lname Sets  the  name  of the "luser" person (that is, originator of a
              given request). -l can only be used by "trusted" users (who  are
              listed in

       The  -t  option  should not be used with a version of sysadmin which is
       not capable of parsing tobacco input.  Though the functionality of this
       command  may  seem  similar to the -b option, it should not be confused
       with that or the related -c option.

                               25 September 1995                   SYSADMIN(1)

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