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UCF.CONF(5)                 Debian GNU/Linux manual                UCF.CONF(5)

       ucf.conf - site-wide configuration file for ucf


       The file /etc/ucf.conf is actually a Bourne Shell snippet included dur-
       ing the package build process, and hence you may put any  shell  direc-
       tive in that file (just make very sure you know what you are doing).

       All the variables have reasonable default values, and some may be over-
       ridden on a per run or a per  individual  basis  by  using  environment
       variables,  and all configurable variables can be overridden by options
       to the scripts themselves.

       The value of a variable can be set so:

       a) Defaults exist in the rules file. These are the values  used  if  no
          customization is done.

       b) Some  variables  can be set in the config file /etc/ucf.conf.  These
          values override the defaults.

       c) Some variables can also be set by setting a  corresponding  environ-
          ment  variable.   These  values  override  the  config  file and the

       d) Using script command line options. All configurable variables may be
          set by this method, and will override the other methods above.

Configuration File options
       At the moment, the user modifiable variables supported are:

       DEBUG             Debugging  information:  The  default  value is 0 (no
                         debugging information is printed). To  enable  debug-
                         ging output, set the value to 1.

       VERBOSE           Verbosity:  The default value is 0 (quiet). To change
                         the default behavior, set the value to 1.

                         Force the installed file to be retained. The  default
                         is  to  have  this  variable  unset,  which makes the
                         script ask in case of doubt.  This can be  overridden
                         by the environment variable UCF_FORCE_CONFFOLD

                         Force  the  installed  file  to  be  overridden.  The
                         default is to have this variable unset,  which  makes
                         the  script  ask in case of doubt.  This can be over-
                         ridden by the environment variable UCF_FORCE_CONFFNEW

       conf_source_dir   This  is  the  directory where the historical md5sums
                         for a file are looked for.  Specifically, the histor-
                         ical  md5sums  are  looked  for  in  either  the file
                         ${filename}.md5sum,  or  the   subdirectory   ${file-

                         Force  the  historical  md5sums  to be read from this
                         file, rather than defaulting to living in the  source
                         directory.  Setting this option overrides settings in
                         the environment variable UCF_OLD_MDSUM_FILE

       System-wide defaults are placed in /etc/ucf.conf,


       There are no bugs.  Any resemblance thereof is delirium. Really.

       This manual page was written by Manoj Srivastava <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

Debian                            Feb 12 2002                      UCF.CONF(5)

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