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UNLISTEN()                       SQL Commands                       UNLISTEN()

       UNLISTEN - stop listening for a notification

       UNLISTEN { name | * }

       UNLISTEN  is used to remove an existing registration for NOTIFY events.
       UNLISTEN cancels any existing registration of  the  current  PostgreSQL
       session  as a listener on the notification name. The special wildcard *
       cancels all listener registrations for the current session.

       NOTIFY [notify(7)] contains a more extensive discussion of the  use  of
       LISTEN and NOTIFY.

       name   Name of a notification (any identifier).

       *      All current listen registrations for this session are cleared.

       You  can  unlisten  something you were not listening for; no warning or
       error will appear.

       At the end of each session, UNLISTEN * is automatically executed.

       To make a registration:

       LISTEN virtual;
       NOTIFY virtual;
       Asynchronous notification "virtual" received from server process with PID 8448.

       Once UNLISTEN has  been  executed,  further  NOTIFY  commands  will  be

       UNLISTEN virtual;
       NOTIFY virtual;
       -- no NOTIFY event is received

       There is no UNLISTEN command in the SQL standard.

       LISTEN [listen(7)], NOTIFY [notify(l)]

SQL - Language Statements         2009-12-09                        UNLISTEN()

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