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UPDATE-DEFAULT-ISPELL(8)                              UPDATE-DEFAULT-ISPELL(8)

       update-default-ispell - update default ispell dictionary

        update-default-ispell [--rebuild] [--ignore-symlinks]

       WARNING: Not to be used from the command line unless you know very well
       what you are doing.

       This program is intended to be called from package postinst (with
       --rebuild), from select-default-ispell or from dictionaries-common
       postinst (with --ignore-symlinks).

       Reads the system default from the debconf database and set default
       links in /etc/dictionaries-common pointing to the appropriate files in
       /usr/lib/ispell/.  Also updates the system-wide setting
       /etc/dictionaries-common/ispell-default.  If option --rebuild is given,
       rebuilds the /var/cache/dictionaries-common/ispell.db and the emacsen,
       jed, and SquirrelMail support (to be put in
       /var/cache/dictionaries-common/) from the files in

       --rebuild          Rebuild database, emacsen and jed stuff
       --ignore-symlinks  Do not set symlinks

       The dictionaries-common policy document

       Rafael Laboissiere

0.98.12                            2008-7-03          UPDATE-DEFAULT-ISPELL(8)

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