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UPDATE-LOCALE(8)                                              UPDATE-LOCALE(8)

       update-locale - Modify global locale settings

       update-locale [OPTIONS] [var=locale | var] [...]

       This  program  can be called by maintainer scripts when Debian packages
       are installed or removed, it updates the  /etc/default/locale  file  to
       reflect  changes  in system configuration related to global locale set-
       tings.  When variables have no value assigned, they  are  removed  from
       the  locale  file.   Some  basic  checks  are  performed to ensure that
       requested settings are valid.

       --help Display an help message and exit.

              Variables which are not set on command-line are cleared out.

       --locale-file FILE
              Define   file   containing    locale    variables.     (Default:

              Do not perform sanity checks on locale variables.

       The command
               update-locale LANG=en_CA.UTF-8 LANGUAGE
       sets LANG to en_CA.UTF-8 and removes definitions for LANGUAGE.

              File where global locale settings are stored.

       Denis Barbier <>

       locale-gen(8), locale(1)

Debian GNU/Linux                  April 2006                  UPDATE-LOCALE(8)

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