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UUID_TIME(3)                                                      UUID_TIME(3)

       uuid_time - extract the time at which the UUID was created

       #include <uuid/uuid.h>

       time_t uuid_time(uuid_t uu, struct timeval *ret_tv)

       The  uuid_time  function  extracts the time at which the supplied time-
       based UUID uu was created.  Note that the UUID creation  time  is  only
       encoded  within certain types of UUIDs.  This function can only reason-
       ably expect to extract the creation time for  UUIDs  created  with  the
       uuid_generate_time(3) function.  It may or may not work with UUIDs cre-
       ated by other mechanisms.

       The time at which the UUID was created, in  seconds  since  January  1,
       1970 GMT (the epoch), is returned (see time(2)).  The time at which the
       UUID was created, in seconds and microseconds since the epoch, is  also
       stored in the location pointed to by ret_tv (see gettimeofday(2)).

       Theodore Y. Ts'o


       uuid(3),       uuid_clear(3),       uuid_compare(3),      uuid_copy(3),
       uuid_generate(3), uuid_is_null(3), uuid_parse(3), uuid_unparse(3)

E2fsprogs version 1.41.3         October 2008                     UUID_TIME(3)

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