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UUID_UNPARSE(3)                                                UUID_UNPARSE(3)

       uuid_unparse - convert an UUID from binary representation to a string

       #include <uuid/uuid.h>

       void uuid_unparse(uuid_t uu, char *out);
       void uuid_unparse_upper(uuid_t uu, char *out);
       void uuid_unparse_lower(uuid_t uu, char *out);

       The uuid_unparse function converts the supplied UUID uu from the binary
       representation into a 36-byte string (plus tailing '\0')  of  the  form
       1b4e28ba-2fa1-11d2-883f-0016d3cca427 and stores this value in the char-
       acter string pointed to by out.  The case of the hex digits returned by
       uuid_unparse  may  be upper or lower case, and is dependent on the sys-
       tem-dependent local default.

       If the  case  of  the  hex  digits  is  important  then  the  functions
       uuid_unparse_upper and uuid_unparse_lower may be used.

       OSF DCE 1.1

       Theodore Y. Ts'o


       uuid(3),       uuid_clear(3),       uuid_compare(3),      uuid_copy(3),
       uuid_generate(3), uuid_time(3), uuid_is_null(3), uuid_parse(3)

E2fsprogs version 1.41.3         October 2008                  UUID_UNPARSE(3)

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