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VESA(4)                                                                VESA(4)

       vesa - Generic VESA video driver

       Section "Device"
         Identifier "devname"
         Driver "vesa"

       vesa is an Xorg driver for generic VESA video cards.  It can drive most
       VESA-compatible video cards, but only makes use of the  basic  standard
       VESA core that is common to these cards.  The driver supports depths 8,
       15 16 and 24.

       The vesa driver supports most VESA-compatible video cards.   There  are
       some known exceptions, and those should be listed here.

       Please  refer  to xorg.conf(5) for general configuration details.  This
       section only covers configuration details specific to this driver.

       The driver auto-detects the presence of VESA-compatible hardware.   The
       ChipSet  name  may  optionally be specified in the config file "Device"
       section, and will override the auto-detection:


       The following driver Options are supported:

       Option "ShadowFB" "boolean"
              Enable or disable use of the shadow framebuffer layer.  Default:

              This option is recommended for performance reasons.

       Option "ModeSetClearScreen" "boolean"
              Clear  the  screen on mode set. Some BIOSes seem to be broken in
              the sense that the newly set video mode is  bogus  if  they  are
              asked to clear the screen during mode setting. If you experience
              problems try to turn this option off. Default: on.

       Xorg(1), xorg.conf(5), xorgcfg(1), xorgconfig(1), Xserver(1), X(7)

       Authors include: Paulo Ce'sar Pereira de Andrade.

X Version 11                 xf86-video-vesa 1.3.0                     VESA(4)

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