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xdriinfo(1)                                                        xdriinfo(1)

       xdriinfo - query configuration information of DRI drivers

       xdriinfo [-display displayname] [command]

       xdriinfo  can be used to query configuration information of direct ren-
       dering drivers. If no command argument is specified it lists the  names
       of the direct rendering drivers for all screens.

       Valid commands are:

              Print the number of screens.

       driver screen
              Print the name of the direct rendering driver for screen.

       options screen|driver
              Print the XML document describing the configuration options of a
              driver. The driver can be specified directly by driver  name  or
              indirectly  by  screen  number.  If the driver name is specified
              directly then no X connection is needed.

              The default display.

       X(7), xdpyinfo(1), xwininfo(1), xvinfo(1), glxinfo(1), xprop(1)

       Felix Kuehling

X Version 11                    xdriinfo 1.0.2                     xdriinfo(1)

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