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xlsfonts(1)                                                        xlsfonts(1)

       xlsfonts - server font list displayer for X

       xlsfonts [-display host:dpy] [-l] [-ll] [-lll] [-m] [-C] [-1] [-w
       width] [-n columns] [-u] [-o] [-fn pattern]
       xlsfonts -printer printername [-l] [-ll] [-lll] [-m] [-C] [-1] [-w
       width] [-n columns] [-u] [-o] [-r resolution] [-b] [-B] [-g] [-G] [-x
       mode] [-X mode] [-fn pattern]

       xlsfonts lists the fonts that match the given pattern.  The wildcard
       character "*" may be used to match any sequence of characters (includ-
       ing none), and "?" to match any single character.  If no pattern is
       given, "*" is assumed.

       The "*" and "?" characters must be quoted to prevent them from being
       expanded by the shell.

       -display host:dpy
              This option specifies the X server to contact.

       -printer printername
              This option specifies the Xprint printer to contact.

       -d host:dpy
              Same as -display host:dpy.

       -p printername
              Same as -printer printername.

       -l     Lists some attributes of the font on one line in addition to its

       -ll    Lists font properties in addition to -l output.

       -lll   Lists character metrics in addition to -ll output.

       -m     This option indicates that long listings should also print the
              minimum and maximum bounds of each font.

       -C     This option indicates that listings should use multiple columns.
              This is the same as -n 0.

       -1     This option indicates that listings should use a single column.
              This is the same as -n 1.

       -w width
              This option specifies the width in characters that should be
              used in figuring out how many columns to print.  The default is

       -n columns
              This option specifies the number of columns to use in displaying
              the output. By default, it will attempt to fit as many columns
              of font names into the number of character specified by -w

       -u     This option indicates that the output should be left unsorted.

       -o     This option indicates that xlsfonts should do an OpenFont (and
              QueryFont, if appropriate) rather than a ListFonts.  This is
              useful if ListFonts or ListFontsWithInfo fail to list a known
              font (as is the case with some scaled font systems).

       -r resolutionname
              Set print resolution name (usually values like 300dpi or
              300x600, see output of xplsprinters).  This may alter the output
              of xlsfonts if there are printer fonts which get enabled/dis-
              abled on per-resolution basis by the DDX.

              (printer mode only)

       -b     List printer builtin fonts.  This is the same as -x

              (printer mode only)

       -B     Do not list printer builtin fonts.  This is the same as -X

              (printer mode only)

       -g     List glyph fonts.  This is the same as -x xp-list-glyph-fonts.

              (printer mode only)

       -G     Do not list glyph fonts.  This is the same as -X

              (printer mode only)

       -x mode
              Enable listfont mode mode.

              Supported modes are:

                     If xp-listinternal-printer-fonts was set (via option -b
                     or -x xp-listinternal-printer-fonts xlsfonts will include
                     all of the fonts defined as internal printer fonts.

                     If xp-list-glyph-fonts was set (via option -g or -x
                     xp-list-glyph-fonts) xlsfonts will include all of the
                     fonts available to the server which have glyphs associ-
                     ated with them.

       The default value is implicitly determined by the ddx driver to be the
       all of the listfonts modes specified in the xp-listfonts-modes-sup-
       ported printer attribute.

       The value of xp-listfonts-modes-supported and xp-listfonts-modes (the
       defaults) can be looked-up via xplsprinters(1).

       (printer mode only)

       -X mode
              Disable listfont mode mode.  See option -x for a list of valid
              mode values.

              (printer mode only)

       -fn pattern
              This option specifies the font name pattern to match.

       X(7), Xprint(7), Xserver(1), xset(1), xfd(1), xplsprinters(1), X Logi-
       cal Font Description Conventions

              DISPLAY must be set to get the default host and display to use.

              XPSERVERLIST must be set for the -printer option identifying the
              available Xprint servers.  See Xprint(7) for more details.

       Doing ``xlsfonts -l'' can tie up your server for a very long time.
       This is really a bug with single-threaded non-preemptable servers, not
       with this program.

       Mark Lillibridge

       Jim Fulton

       Phil Karlton

       Roland Mainz

X Version 11                    xlsfonts 1.0.2                     xlsfonts(1)

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