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XSTDCMAP(1)                                                        XSTDCMAP(1)

       xstdcmap - X standard colormap utility

       xstdcmap [-all] [-best] [-blue] [-default] [-delete map] [-display dis-
       play] [-gray] [-green] [-help] [-red] [-verbose]

       The xstdcmap utility can be used to selectively  define  standard  col-
       ormap  properties.   It  is  intended to be run from a user's X startup
       script to create standard colormap definitions in order  to  facilitate
       sharing  of scarce colormap resources among clients.  Where at all pos-
       sible, colormaps are created with read-only allocations.

       The following options may be used with xstdcmap:

       -all    This option indicates that all six standard colormap properties
               should  be  defined  on  each  screen  of the display.  Not all
               screens will support visuals under which all six standard  col-
               ormap  properties  are meaningful.  xstdcmap will determine the
               best allocations and visuals for the colormap properties  of  a
               screen.  Any  previously  existing standard colormap properties
               will be replaced.

       -best   This option indicates that the RGB_BEST_MAP should be  defined.

       -blue   This  option indicates that the RGB_BLUE_MAP should be defined.

               This  option  indicates  that  the  RGB_DEFAULT_MAP  should  be

       -delete map
               This  option  specifies that a specific standard colormap prop-
               erty, or all such properties, should be removed.   map  may  be
               one of: default, best, red, green, blue, gray, or all.

       -display display
               This option specifies the host and display to use; see X(7).

       -gray   This  option indicates that the RGB_GRAY_MAP should be defined.

       -green  This option indicates that the RGB_GREEN_MAP should be defined.

       -help   This  option  indicates that a brief description of the command
               line arguments should be printed on the standard  error.   This
               will  be  done whenever an unhandled argument is given to xstd-

       -red    This option indicates that the RGB_RED_MAP should be defined.

               This option indicates that xstdcmap should print logging infor-
               mation as it parses its input and defines the standard colormap

       DISPLAY to get default host and display number.


       Donna Converse, MIT X Consortium

X Version 11                    xstdcmap 1.0.1                     XSTDCMAP(1)

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